Going in Style

The 1979 Film Going in Style

Going in Style is an American caper directed by Martin Brest that was released in December 1979. The story was written by Edward Cannon and Martin Brest did the screenplay himself. The film stars legendary actors George Burns; Art Carney; Charles Hallahan and Lee Strasberg.

The 97 minute long film was distributed by Warner Bros and at box office the film grossed approximately $29,900,000. It was filmed at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and in Queens, New York.

At the Venice Film Festival in 1980, Going in Style won a Pansinetti award for best actor for the performances of George Burns; Art Carney and Lee Strasberg. Martin Brest was nominated for a golden lion award.

The Going in Style Film Synopsis

The Going in Style plot unfolds with three elderly friends named Jo, Al and Willie.  They are bored with being retired and living off of social security and together they embark on an adventure and decide to rob a bank. Although none of them have any criminal experience, the three friends, Joe, Al and Willie get a new lease on life just by planning the heist. After a couple of days of planning, the three friends rob a nearby bank in Manhattan wearing Groucho Marx style disguises. They manage to steal $35 000 and escape. Willie succumbs to a heart attack because of all the excitement and the two remaining friends decide to give $25 000 to his nephew Pete, who is in dire straits, claiming that it was Willie’s insurance pay out.

Al and Joe take the remainder of the money to Las Vegas to spend it all. They end up winning more than $70 000, but become paranoid over the fact that the casino pit bosses are taking an interest in them. Worried that the casino might take away their winnings the pair leave for New York.

While at home Joe hears that the robbery has become newsworthy and that the police are close to solving the case. He tries to wake Al but realises that he has passed away in his sleep. Joe then takes all the money to Pete and explains the whole story to him, asking him to never tell anyone. While heading to Al’s funeral the police arrest Joe, who refuses to tell where all the money is and he is sent to jail. Pete tries to free Joe but he says that he is happy in prison, where he is treated like a star, and that Pete must enjoy his inheritance.

The Remake of Going in Style

It had been long rumoured that a remake of Going in Style was in the works but it will in fact be released in 2017, by Warner Bros. after filming began in 2015. The remake will only loosely follow the original plot and is directed by Zach Braff.

The new Going in Style has a star studded cast which includes Morgan Freeman as Willie, Alan Arkin as Al and Michael Caine as Joe. Matt Dillon plays the FBI agent, Hammer, and Ann Margaret has also been cast in the film.