How To Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo, which is also known as Sic-Bo, or SicBo, is the Asian version of the extremely popular game of craps, but with a much older history that dates back hundreds of years.

For a long time, the game was completely overshadowed by craps, but has made a huge surge in popularity in recent years.

Anyone looking to get into the game of Sic Bo will find it incredibly easy to learn, and the perfect choice for players that have grown a bit tired of western casino games.

The Rules of The Game

The object of this popular Asian game is to put down a wager on the outcome of a roll of three different dice. The bet is first made by choosing the size of the chop, and then placing the chips on the gaming area of the Sic Bo table that corresponds to the bet that is going to be made.

For the online variant of the game, everything is done automatically through a few options, common among online venues, such as mobile casinos Malaysia. There are a number of common bets that can be chosen when placing a new wager, which include:

  • Specific triple: this is a bet made on any triple, and the player wins if all three dice come up with the number chosen
  • Any Triple: Here, the player bets on a specific number coming up, and the player wins as long as that number lands, regardless of what it is
  • Specific Double: similar to the specific triple, except that the player chooses two of the numbers of the dice rather than three
  • Total: If the total of the three dice adds up to specific score that the player bets on. If 12 is the chosen number, the player wins if all three of the dice land on numbers that add up to 12 in any combination
  • Small: The player wins of the total sum of the dice is between 4 and 10 but is not a triple
  • Big: the player wins if the sum of the dice is between 11 and 17 but is not a triple
  • Two Dice Combination: the player wagers on at least two different specific number land on two of the dice
  • Single Die Bet: similar to the above entry, except that a specific number needs to be present on one of the dice

Winning The Game

After the bet has been made, the croupier will put the dice into a cage and shake them up. They will eventually throw the dice on to the table and they will come to a stop. Once the dice land and they correspond to the bet made, the player wins.

The player loses if the dice do not match any of the wagers that they put down. The game generally offers different payout odds, which is usually determined by the casino’s house edge rules.

Due to the nature of the game, there are many different ways to win at the game, making it a good choice for all manner of players.