Dice from a casino - Low roller vs high roller mentality

What is a Low Roller?

A Definition of the Low Roller at the Casino

Betting tables in New Zealand casinos are assigned what is known as a betting limit. This means that any bet made at that table may not be lower, or higher, then a predetermined amount.

Betting limits are assigned, among other reasons, to avoid what is referred to as bet bullying. This is a situation where one player, who has considerably more funds then other players, pushes the bet much higher then would normally occur.

A card dealer deals a hand for a poker game

This can, in the case of poker, result in other players folding frequently, due to not wanting to take enormous risks on a single hand. This can, therefore, greatly turn the game in the favour of the person with the most money.

On the other hand, betting limits are also seen as a way to force players to spend above a minimum amount, which can be perceived as an aggressive way for casinos to force players into parting with as much money as possible.

Thankfully, the majority of NZ casinos have reasonable betting limits, allowing players who desire minimum risk to not be pushed beyond a certain amount.

Bet amounts have, however, given rise to terms such as low roller and high roller.

The Notorious High Roller at the Casino

The term high roller is often used to describe a person who has a lot of money to spend. It can refer to a person with an expensive car, one who dresses in fine clothing, or any other general situation where a person seems to spend more money then those around them.

In the New Zealand gambling world, however, this generally refers to a gambler who prefers high bet limit tables.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that the odds of high limits tables are no different from the odds at any low limits table, meaning that large bets are only significant in cash value, and the return of that cash value.

high roller - Excited friends gambling at craps table in casino

That is to say, there is no real difference between high and low limit tables. The idea of a high roller is often played up, however, especially by the casinos themselves.

High roller often receive special treatment, such as free drinks, free parking, cash back bonuses, and even free accommodation. One should always keep in mind that casinos do not give away free things for no reason, and that being a high roller does not make a gambler good at gambling.

Generally speaking, a high roller is paying for these free services by the amount they lose at the casino on a regular basis.

The Less Notorious Low Roller at the Casino

A low roller refers to a gambler who sticks to low limit bet tables, normally as a rule. This, of course, does not mean that the player is not good, and the best gamblers, including those NZ players that make a living from gambling, will often stick to the low limit tables to limit risk.

A skillful player can easily make a good sum of money at a low bet limit table, assuming that they are smart with their betting, and follow a system.

It goes without saying that those who are new to the gambling scene should stick to low roller tables, or even consider options such as https://onlinenzcasino.co.nz/casino-bonuses/sign-up-bonus/, and may consider doing so even when experienced.

The low roller, however, will not receive special treatment from the casino, but this hardly matters. Do you consider yourself to be a high roller, or a low roller?