National Lottery and Lottonets

National lotteries exist in many countries throughout the world, and all more or less use the exact same system. The basis of any lottery involves a player selecting a group random numbers, after which numbers are drawn at random by the event organiser, once or sometimes twice a week. Players who have matching numbers to those drawn win a cash prize. The drawing itself is generally done by a mechanised device, which completely eliminates any chance of cheating or favouritism by a person. Importantly, a player does not have to get all the numbers in order to be paid out, and in some lotteries four numbers are still a substantial amount of money.

The jackpot amount, which is always won by matching all the numbers, is normally an enormous payout, often in the tens of millions. Of course the likelihood of winning the jackpot is infinitesimally small, and many jackpots will roll over for months with no player winning the prize. The basic statistics are that an average person has roughly a one in fourteen million chance of winning the lottery. That is to say, a person may play the lottery every minute of every day for their entire life, and still never win.

Basic Lottery System

The standard lottery system allows players to choose six numbers from forty nine, or fifty nine, depending on the lottery. The first five numbers are considered standard, and the sixth a bonus number, also depending on the system.

A matching sequence may consist of two standard numbers and the bonus number, or three standard numbers and the bonus, and so on, on with the higher the match granting a bigger payout. Some lottery systems, such as the one used in South Africa, also allows players to have a second chance at winning on a smaller lottery, for an additional upfront fee when selecting lottery numbers. Recent systems, such as Lottonets, also allow players to play lotteries not native to their countries, which allows many chances at winning during the course of a single week.

Lottonets – Lottery Across Borders

In order to improve the chances of winning the lottery, a person may wish to play lotteries held across the globe. There is no law that stops a person from buying tickets to foreign lotteries, and this can be especially advantages if a person wins a lottery of a foreign currency that has more value then the country they reside in.

A system called Lottonets allows people to buy lottery tickets across the world, and also provides wining lottery numbers for these same lotteries. A person may simply login to an account, buy tickets online, and wait to see if any of the numbers match, when draw time eventually comes around. For convenience the online platform also provides countdown timers, which indicate how much time is left before each lottery draws its numbers, and a new lottery is declared. The Lottonets headquarters is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and allows persons from most countries to participate as they prefer, via a valid online account. Keep in mind that Lottonets charges an additional amount for every lottery ticket bought, making it more expensive to buy tickets online then to buy them in your native country.