Top Tips For Long-Term Blackjack Success

Being one of the world’s most popular card games, blackjack is usually readily available from both land-based and online casinos. It’s a simple game that can offer countless hours of entertainment and fun, as well as the chance to walk away with real winnings.

While blackjack is not quite as popular as poker, it continues to grow across the world, and is generally the recommended card game for those that are not so interested in playing poker or want to try something new.

Blackjack stands out among other casino games due to the fact that the odds can be improved through the direct intervention of the player.

There are plenty of strategies and other tricks that a player can employ to see more success over the long-term. For those blackjack enthusiasts that have been having a hard time winning recently, keep reading to find out what can be done.

The Number Of Decks

Modern games of blackjack are not always played with just a single deck. Sometimes the casino will introduce a second deck to make the game more interesting. But there are some caveats that a player should try and keep in mind, especially when it comes to the odds of the player versus the house.

Playing a single deck is generally better in terms of odds, although this can depend on whether the casino retains the same ruleset for both decks. If this is the case, then a double deck game means that the odds are in favour of the player.

Avoid The Martingale

While the Martingale strategy is generally associated with the game of roulette, many players will employ it while playing blackjack. This is generally not recommended and should be avoided as much as possible. Blackjack tends to be quite a fast-paced game, and while the Martingale might be able to take a player quite far, as soon as the winning streak is over, they can lose all of their winnings within an extremely short amount of time.

Don’t Take Insurance

While insurance does seem quite appealing, it’s always better to instead avoid it as much as possible. It doesn’t matter how promising a hand may be, insurance is generally a bad bet and will mean the odds are switched considerably into the favour of the house.

In fact, it lowers the chance of a blackjack down to as low as 30%, meaning that if the player is getting paid around 2:1 on their insurance bet, it will be a losing wager. Insurance is generally aimed at seasoned players that have the knowledge to count cards successfully.

Emotion Can Lead To Loss

Many casino games can evoke a powerful emotional response from players, such as the ones on, but this often leads to small but frequent losses. It’s a good idea to try and avoid letting emotions taking control, and instead be as focused and emotionless as possible when playing, as this will help when making informed and clear decisions.