Online Keno – An Unexpected Jackpot

Most Casino Games find their origins in mainland Europe. 21 (or Vingt-Et-Un) and Baccarat became famous in the courts of 17th century French royalty.

But Keno is a game that’s been played in China since antiquity, brought to the West when Chinese immigrants settled in the US during the 1940s.

A Short History of Keno

Played as early as the 3rd Century BC, the game was called baige piao or “white pigeon ticket”. This was because lucky numbers were delivered to outlying settlements via carrier pigeon. Nowadays, the internet allows players to continue in this age-old tradition without having to wait days for the results.

Online Keno is a lotto-style game that asks players to select 8-20 numbers from a Keno ticket with 80 selectable numbers. If you’ve ever played the lotto, you’ll know the basics – the number of numbers you get right determines the size of your win.

Online Keno Strategy

When you’re playing online Keno, however, you don’t have to wait a month for the results, or even the 20-minute wait time you’d get in a brick-and-mortar game. You can play to your heart’s content, with almost instantaneous results.

While Keno is largely based on luck, there’s also some basic statistical evidence to show that you have an almost one-in four chance of winning when playing a 20 spot card. This will give you 20 potential hits, and you’re more likely to win the more numbers you play. This means if you have the patience, you can play low wager games and make quite a significant amount back over time.

As with most RNG (random number generator) games, everything inside you will be screaming to drop big sums on low-percentage outcomes, but because there are no set outcomes (if the game is fair), you should rather aim to play a longer, safer game.

Why Keno is Only Becoming More Popular Now

Because Keno is less glitzy than other RNG games like slots, casinos are trying their best to make it more exciting for players. This means a lot of available bonus codes like you’d find at sites recommended by

Look for casinos with the highest payouts on 20-hit cards and stay there. The more you play, the more likely online casinos are going to recognize you as the rare Keno enthusiast, and the more perks are going to end up coming your way.

If you’re just starting out, look for online casinos that give good beginner perks such as Deposit Matches (where the casino doubles down on your initial deposit) and start out bonuses (free spins, extra bonus codes etc).

Always make sure the games you’re playing are being provided by reliable, trustworthy casinos with a good name, there’s plenty that can go wrong if you’re playing in a dodgy online casino, and these headaches are best avoided.