Weird And Unusual Gambling Rules

We all gamble here and there. Gambling has become quite common in most places. The chance to win is something that always attracts people, and can be a lot of fun. But we are no longer talking about the Wild West, and there is no law on betting and gambling.

Today, this activity is governed by laws and regulations, some of which are somewhat bizarre. We will talk about six unusual laws and regulations in online gambling.

Craps Without Dice In Canada

In all parts of the world, craps are usually played with dice, but not in Maple Leaf. Craps should be random if possible, which can be achieved with dice. This lucky game is popular and attracts not only players but also spectators at the tables, even though it is illegal to play it with Canadian dice.

The reason is simple – there are reports that some Canadian casinos are playing games with remote dice. To make sure it didn’t happen again, they decided that the best solution was to ban the dice.

Alabama Sunday

The Alabama Penal Code makes it clear that it is illegal to hunt, play cards, play dominoes and race on Sundays. They take their Sunday rules seriously, so you will not find these rules in the gambling section, but in the general area of ​​all activities that are prohibited on Sundays.

This law is not something that was invented, but instead creates a connection with the old custom of never working on Sundays.

Japanese Ban On Gambling

If you’ve seen movies set in Japan and revolving around crime, you’ve probably noticed that most casinos are described as illegal, unlike online casino in Sri Lanka options.

Some games are regulated in Japan and considered a normal betting activity, but most of them are made illegally. The games you can legally play are motorsports, lotteries and horse racing.

Safe Bet With $4

The American South is known for many crazy stories, but it is at least a strange law. In Kentucky, you can bet $4 without any consequences. If you lose $5 or more, you can make a claim against the person you lost the money to within five years.

Yes, you heard right – you can sue someone for loss, even for a small amount of $5. The best part is yet to come. If you don’t do it yourself, anyone can file a lawsuit for you and get back three times the amount you lost.

Dog Racing Is Illegal In South Africa

In South Africa, there are laws, even though it is often described as a lawless country and engulfed in racism. In the southern part of the dark continent, all forms of gambling are legal. There is only one exception. You can’t place bets or even organize dog races.

While greyhound racing is available in almost every part of the world, South Africans don’t even want to hear about it.

The United Kingdom Prohibits Gambling In The Library

Since 1898, library gambling has been illegal under the Library Crimes Act. We cannot understand why people are gambling in the library, but there seem to be cases in England and Scotland.

So, now you know that if you are in the UK, under no circumstances, you should gamble inside of a library – not even on your smartphone.