Casino Myths To Forget

Myths surrounding casinos are no new or surprising thing. From the plausible to, in some cases, a stretch of the imagination, a lot of the myths surrounding casinos in physical and online could not be further from the truth. These popular casino myths have not stood up to the test of time.

Air Tampering

There are two popular myths going around, both related to casinos tampering with air.

  • Casinos pump extra oxygen into the air to make a person feel more energized and keep them on the tables.
  • Casino’s pump pheromones into the air to cause players to be more reckless in their betting habits.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, the sheer logistical and safety nightmare that would be involved in storing enough pure oxygen to increase all the patron’s oxygen intake by as little as 10% would be astounding. This is of course disregarding the price of pure oxygen at that nature of scale. If the price of pure oxygen isn’t enough to scare you, the price of pheromones surely will. It’s difficult to see why anybody would have believed this rumour to begin with.

As for the feelings that the oxygen and pheromones are meant to give you, that is all in your brain, literally. The mixture of adrenaline and dopamine that most people get while gambling and winning a few games is enough to keep anybody feeling wide awake and ready for more. This is why knowing our own limits and sticking to a budget when gambling is so important.

Casinos Can Control Slots

It is plausible to think that casinos would have direct control over slot machines. After all, it is programming on a machine that they have on site or online, However, this is not the case. Slot games for physical machines and online are all made by separate software development firms who sell or hire out the software to casinos, that is why we can see the same game appear in several casinos.

The software developers have a random number generation algorithm which gives the game its randomizing ability. One of the most common myths is that slots produce more winners in busy hours, this is somewhat true but to no fault of the programming. It is simply a matter of more people consciously playing a game will indeed result in more wins for an allocated time slot.

Software development companies are held to a strict set of rules by appropriate gaming authorities, they have no ability to change the outcome of any slot game on the fly.

Casinos Control Roulette Wheels

Just like the slots, roulette wheels are made by outside organizations which are strictly governed to give a fair and completely random outcome. While tampering with roulette wheels was definitely a thing in the 1950s, today’s casinos are strictly monitored to ensure roulette wheels have not been modified to change the outcome of the game.

The same stands with online roulette games available at sites recommended by, as software developers are held to a strict agreement with random number generators.