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Russian Bank Card Game – An Overview

For many years, card games have been used for entertainment and gambling. Today there are thousands of different card games that can all be played using one or more decks of cards. One of classic games that you might have heard of is Bank.

Commonly known as Russian Bank, this is a two player card game that is similar to solitaire. The game itself is mostly played for entertainment but can also be played online against the computer, as is the case with other online gaming options like online blackjack Canada, as well as online poker.

The game is played with two decks of cards, each player has their own deck and each deck is shuffled before the game starts.

How the Game Works

The game of bank is played on a table or on a flat surface. The game is setup with each player placing 4 cards in a vertical row starting from the top going downwards.

The two rows are called “houses” and are spaced two card places apart. The card spaces in between the two rows will form eight piles. These piles are called foundation piles.

Before the game begins, each player takes 12 cards from their deck and placed face down at the bottom of the rows. A thirteen card is drawn and placed face up on top of the 12 card pile.

Starting the Game

The aim of Russian Bank is to be the first player to deal out all the cards in your deck. The game beings with either of the two players.

This is usually determined by cutting the cards and drawing a high card. A player starts the game by placing any aces from the houses into the centre of the cards in one of the eight foundation piles.

The foundation piles take priority and must be added to before any other play is made. The foundation piles are built in ascending order in using the same suit.

For example the ace of spades, then the two of spades then the three of spades.

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Completing a House Pile

In Russian Bank, if a player neglects to place a card on the foundation pile where he can, the opponent can shout stop and their turn is over.

Once no more cards can be placed on the foundation piles the player can then make changes to the houses. The houses can be built upon with alternate colours in descending order.

For example a player can place a black 7 on top of a red nine or similarly a red 5 on top of a black 6.

Only the top card of the house pile can be moved at any one time.

The End of Your Turn

In Russian Bank, once a player has made all the moves they can, they flip the top card in their stock pile.

If the card can be played into the foundation pile, the player must place the card. If no foundation pile can be added to, the player can use the card to build on one of the house piles.

If no other move is possible for the player, this is the end of their turn and the opponent must continue.