A Cakewalk sign at a carnival

Cakewalk Is a Game Played For Fun

Cakewalk, or cake-walk is a fun game that originated at carnivals and fairs, and is still played today.

It has a similarity to musical chairs, or even a raffle.

Squares are laid out on a path, or flat piece of earth, and divided up into squares. These squares each have a number on them. Tickets are sold to participants, with the number of squares in the path equal to the maximum number of tickets that will be sold.

The participants walk around the path in time to music, walking on the numbered squares. The music will play for a while and then stop.

A number is called out, and the person standing on the square with that number will win a prize, often a cake. Hence the name cakewalk.

A Popular Activity at Fairs and Carnivals

Often the cakewalk booth is the most popular game or activity at the carnival. Lots of schools, churches or non profit carnivals choose to have this fun game outside on a beautiful day, or it can even be played inside a hall.

There are different ways of choosing a winner. You can draw a ping pong ball from a container, with a number written on it, or a numbered piece of paper from a hat, or even use a spinning wheel that will stop with a pointer showing a certain number.

There has been mention of a cakewalk in several descriptions of fairs in England, like the English poet John Betjeman in his description of St. Giles’ Fair in 1930.

He said that St Giles’ Fair was the biggest fair in En gland, and at the fair there were several attractions, like roundabouts, freak shows and cakewalks.

cakewalk carnival game - a history of cake walk

All Games an Important Part of Entertainment

Playing games, especially competitive games, has always been an integral part of society’s entertainment, probably since time began. This is the reason that many games remain highly popular today, including roulette, blackjack and other epic online games as well.

Whatever the age or sex of the competitor, games formed a big part of the relaxation and fun that everyone took part in. These days millions of people enjoy playing games and sports, either for fun or for money.

Wide Variety of Sports and Games to Enjoy

There is a huge variety of games, these days, that offer all the excitement people could want, and of course, many people will bet on the outcome of the games. People can bet on any game or sport, in a variety of ways.

Each country has its own form of betting, and its own favourite games that you can bet on. The entire human race loves the entertaining world of sport. People will travel even to different countries to watch some sporting event, or they will sit entranced in front of the television.

Most people have a favourite sport, and certain favourite sportsmen or women that they support and follow. The combination of sports and wagering provide many people with hours of excitement.

There are numerous sports betting sites and wagering sites that cater to this market, with sports betting guides that provide news of sports results and betting news.

Certainly a cakewalk is not going to provide betting opportunities with much money involved, but it does fit in the idea of all games being a part of fun and entertainment for the participants and the spectators.