Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association

In Europe, online gambling has become a major source of revenue for many countries. For those countries that have a relatively small land mass, bringing in land based business is not feasible. As a result, these areas have become popular jurisdictions for online gambling licences for European based businesses. If you are a keen online casino enthusiast, you will know that in Europe, there are several jurisdictions that offer online gambling licences, namely Alderney, Gibraltar, Ilse of Man and Malta. Of these, Gibraltar has become a popular licencing jurisdiction with some of the biggest names in the industry holding a licence in this remote area. The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association is the trade association that represents the online gaming companies based in the region.

Why the GBGA was created?

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association or GBGA has been in operation since 2005. The association is funded by its members which include almost every online gambling establishment that holds a licence in the jurisdiction of Gibraltar. Gibraltar itself is a British Crown Dependency that is self-governing and is a full member of the European Union. The authority responsible for issuing gambling licences in the area is the Gibraltar Licencing Authority. The GBGA was created to give local and overseas governments, regulators and policy makers more of an understanding of Gibraltar online gaming and the vital role it plays for the industry.

Providing a Voice for the Industry

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association is an associate member of the European Gaming & Betting Association. The objectives of the European Gaming and Betting Association are to promote fair competition for licenced EU operators and consumer choice in regulated gaming and betting market. The GBGA itself provides the online gaming industry with a single voice on all issues relating to online gambling including legislation and regulation of the industry. The members of the GBGA are committed to ensuring responsible gaming and the highest industry standards. They are there to ensure consumers are fully informed and protected whilst playing casino games and betting online.

The GBGA Vision

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association has a vision that consist of 6 key points. The first of which is safe, fair and competitive offering. This means that association is there to ensure that players receive competitive offerings with safe, fair gaming in a regulated gaming environment. The second key point is High Standards for Consumers. Here the association aims to get operators to work together with governments to provide high standards of gaming across Europe. The third point is to establish Gibraltar as Centre of Excellence.

Commitment to the Consumer

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association actively promotes Gibraltar as a centre for gaming excellence. The fourth key point of vison for the GBGA is to establish Gibraltar a world leaders in online gaming. The fifth Key point is online gaming best practices. The association believes that because of the exacting regulation and the high standards of jurisdiction, this model should be used as an example of best practices on a global scale. The final point of the association’s vision is concerned with commitment to the consumer. The association ensures social responsibility within the betting and gaming industry.