Kerala State Lotteries

Indian Government Started Kerala State Lotteries

Lotteries are quite an innovative form of fundraising for governments and nations, as it offers the players a chance to win a life changing amount whilst also then be able to utilise any proceeds for investment back into the country or state. This is why they have been used for several centuries already, with early lottery systems to fund nations being setup even around the 1500s. This particular governmental lottery group is called the Kerala State Lotteries and operates several weekly lotteries within this Indian state.

They are also the first form of this type of lottery within the country and have grown considerably since their inception, boasting a healthy number of employees and therefore an effect on the unemployment in the state as well. Overall the perks of such a lottery system is rather plentiful and benefits everyone involved.

History and Benefits of Kerala State Lotteries

Kerala State Lotteries began in 1967, clearly within the state of Kerala, India. Currently it operates under the tax department of the Kerala government and hosts 7 weekly lotteries and 6 bumper lotteries. This summates to some 35000 authorised agents and around 100000 retailers selling tickets. The employment opportunities are undeniably evident. On top of this it helps fund development throughout the state for things like schools, hospitals and roads. There are definitely benefits to such a system as the players involved experience a rather win-win from playing as they’re not only entering into a chance to win some serious money, but they’re also help fund and build their community at the same time.

What Kerala State Lotteries did particularly well, and in fact continue to do so, is set a great benchmark for state lotteries in India. Starting small it built up its gathering and support quite considerably, from it first lottery ticket distributed on November 1st of their year of inception, 1967, to their currently near 500 employees across 14 districts of today. Through its transparency and reliability, two of the more paramount principles with which a lottery should be built upon, this specific lottery has lead from the front since the beginning and continues to do so for all the other state lotteries across India.

Security Features and Lottery Prizes

In order for any form of lottery to thrive in today’s world it has to be transparent toward the players as well as offer many identifying procedures to ensure a bought ticket is given the appropriate due diligence. The latter refers to the reliability of a ticket purchase and that this will then be safely entered into the draw. By applying random numbering and unique barcodes to their tickets players can safely trust that each of the many lottery tickets floating around will be completely recognisable to the Kerala State Lotteries and therefore not be mistaken or lost. Additionally the printing of tickets is undergone through government presses to ensure a complete reliability and transparency in this regard as well. Add to this the potential for prizes across the 7 weekly lotteries and the 6 bumper lotteries and players can really throw themselves into this game and the pursuit for potential wealth in an instant.