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Speculation: The Card Game of Yesteryear

Speculation is a very simple gambling game played with cards.  It first became popular in the late 18th century and the early parts of the 19th, and it is widely referenced in a number of classic books by authors like Jane Austen and Mark Twain. Nowadays, many Canadian players enjoy it as well.

It is now once again becoming a popular pastime for players from all walks of life; age-range and culture as a result of the increased availability it is enjoying thanks to the internet.

Rules for the Card Game

The object of Speculation is for the player to be the one holding the highest trump card when all of the other cards have been revealed.

Jack playing cards speculation card game onling casino Canada

To set up the game the dealer will ante six, and each of the other players will ante four.

As Speculation begins the dealer will hand each of the players three cards, and these will be facedown. An extra card is then dealt to each of the players, but this one is done face up.

This final card is the one which determines which suit will be trumps for the game, as well as the card which belongs to the dealer.

How the Card Game’s Play Unfolds

If the card determining the trump happened to be an ace, the dealer will be declared the winner at once. If this is not the case, the dealer for Speculation may choose from two options: he or she may select to hold on to the card, or can decide to sell it to one of the other players.

Play for Speculation passes to the left, and, should the dealer’s trump-determining card sale have been successful, the play for the game will then pass to the left of the player who ended up buying it.

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Each player will reveal a card as his or her turn comes around; should the card revealed be the highest current trump then he or she may try to sell it to one of the other players.

A card can only be sold to a player in exchange for another card, or, in some Speculation variations, for several cards.

The player who holds the current highest trump card does not need to take a turn showing his or her cards unless all of the other cards in play have already been revealed. Should no trump card be revealed during a round the pot will carry over into the next.

Rules for Speculation Variant Game

1. Any player can offer to buy any amount of facedown cards from another player at any point of during a game as it is unfolding, and these will then remain facedown and be placed at the bottom of the buyer’s stack of cards.

2. Any player who reveals either a jack or a five has to add a chip to the game’s pot.

3 . In some variations, an extra hand is dealt. If, as the round ends, the extra hand reveals the highest trump card, the pot will then carry over to the next round.

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