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Video Poker for Beginners – A Brief Guide to the Basics

Video Poker is quite a new game, having first been introduced to land-based casinos in the 1970s. Players find it appealing for its combination of Slots and Poker structure and advantages, including quick action, chance, anonymity, strategy, anonymity and low house edge.

The game has become increasingly more popular over the years, and is now found in online and offline casinos all around the world. If you are interested in learning more about and playing Video Poker, read on here.

Video Poker Game Basics

Draw Poker was the inspiration for this game and they are almost identical, except that in Video Poker players bet alone.

You can wager up to 5 coins per round, and once you’ve placed your bet the machine will deal you 5 virtual cards, which will appear on your screen. You are allowed to keep the cards that you do want, and replace the ones that you don’t, as you try to build the hand that will pay you out the most.

The standard Poker hand rankings are used, and you will be paid out according to the value of your final hand.

Strategic Decisions for Video Poker

When people first began to take notice of Video Poker, the game was often nicknamed Poker Slots and this reference to its combination of tactics and luck is quite accurate. Even though it differs from mobile pokies, The immediacy of the game and the fast thinking that is required are irresistible to many players. With over 2 million generated combinations possible, formulating a strategy is important to winning big!

video poker in a land based casino

The original game of Jacks or Better is still the most common version, but the success of the game has meant that more than 100 other variations have sprung up. Strategies have been developed for all of these, with tables explaining which cards to replace and which cards to keep for every possible hand.

These are all easily available online, along with other tools and software to help you develop your game. All of them can be used for online and offline games, and you’ll soon gain your own insights and develop your own insights as well.

When you’re playing online you can also practice and try out everything you are learning in the no-deposit, free play mode. When you feel confident, you can place real money bets. Offline game play has advantages as well, as long as you keep thinking shrewdly.

Look out for the most generous pay tables, and make good use of cash back and other complimentary offers right here. The more you play, the more automatically you will include table selection in your winning strategy.

Getting Started with Video Poker

With Jacks or Better being the original version of the game, and a very simple version, it is often the best place for new players to begin. Since it is also the most common, this is usually quite easy.

Once you’ve mastered this version, preferably in free games to begin with, you should start exploring as many other Video Poker variations as possible. Players who do this report greater insight and enjoyment into all casino games, and higher winnings, so it really is recommended.