Some Of The Very Best Casino Movies For Gaming Fans

Some Of The Very Best Casino Movies For Gaming Fans

For over 100 years, movies have been the largest source of entertainment across the world. Action, romance, horror, drama, crime are just some of the genres that are popular in the film world, and year after year since film was first made available to the public, new and fascinating movies have enthralled fans all over the world.

The great thing about cinema is its ability to both entertain us on a surface level, while also creating a deep, emotional impact.

Some films can make us cry, others can make us laugh, and some remind us of the things we love the most. One such genre that has this effect is casino movies; films where a part or even the main focus of the story is set in casinos.

Casino Movies

Casinos are as old as modern cinema, and because of this, they have often been linked in many ways. We may find some casinos that base their themes on certain films, or conversely, we might watch a film that has all its action take place within a casino.

This link has expanded to some of the best movies of the last few decades, and this link is the reason that gaming fans will easily find a casino film that appeals to them. Sometimes it’s just about recognising what you know, and watching these films can remind you of the time you hit the Roulette table, or played some real money slots.

Whatever the case may be, these are some of the best casino movies for gaming fans.


A film about the darker side of casinos, but one that entertains nevertheless.

Croupier is all about a writer who decides to work as a croupier in a casino, but soon finds himself with less than savoury dealings.

Croupier casino film 1998

The movie stars Clive Owen as the main character.

 Rain Man

Rain Man is a heart-warming feature about a man named Raymond who has dealt with autism all his life.

While his autism makes life difficult for him in some ways, it also makes him a mathematical genius, a fact that his younger brother discovers after the death of their father.

Together, these two travel the country and grow closer together.

Rain Man - Casino Movies


Starring Hollywood heavyweights like Matt Damon and John Malkovich, Rounders is about a law student (Damon) that has to give up on his passion for gambling and concentrate on his studies.

This changes when his friend, Worm, is released from prison, and Damon has to go back into the world of gambling to pay off a loan.


Another film featuring well-known actors such as Kevin Spacey and Jim Sturgess, 21 is about a man who wants to pursue a career in medicine, but can’t pay his tuition fees.

His math professor, played by Spacey, invites him to a group of people who want to spend a weekend in Vegas, and use their gifts to win the tables.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

A strange film, but considered a cult classic nonetheless, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas stars Johnny Depp, and focuses on Depp’s character and his adventures through the city.

Some extremely memorable drug-related scenes are peppered throughout this film.

There are many more movies to choose from that will satisfy any gaming fan, and there can be no doubt that the casino film genre is one that has been well-catered for.