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A Definitive Guide to Online Casino Games

The best online casino games are available in multiple variations of the standard games we have all come to know and love.

If you’re not sure where to start take a look at our definitive guide to common online casino games.

Online Casino Games


  • A casino card game
  • Dates back to 15th century Italy
  • Three popular variations: punto banco, chemin de fer, and banque
  • Card comparing game between two hands – the player and the banker
  • Hand closest to 9 is the winner


  • A game of chance
  • Numbers are drawn at random and players must match these numbers to their bingo card
  • Rules vary from game to game, but the winner is generally the first person to mark off a specified amount of numbers or a specific pattern


  • A casino card game
  • Also known as ‘21’
  • Card comparing game between two hands – the player and the dealer
  • Players do not compete against each other, only against the dealer
  • Hand closest to 21 is the winner

Bonus Poker

  • An online casino card game
  • Also known as Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker
  • Has the same rules as Texas Hold ‘Em, but players only play against the house, not against other players

Caribbean Stud Poker

  • An online casino card game
  • Closely resembles standard versions of 5-card stud poker
  • Played against the house as opposed to playing other players at the table

online casino games


  • A casino dice game
  • Players wager on the outcome of the roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice
  • Players may wager money against each other or the bank

Online Slots

  • On of the online casino games of chance
  • Online version of classic slot machines found at land-based casinos
  • Arguably the most popular online casino game of all
  • Many online slots Canada sites will offer hundreds of variations


  • One of the online casino games of chance / lottery-style game
  • Players wager by choosing a series of numbers from 1-80
  • The total amount of numbers drawn varies, but generally 20 numbers are drawn
  • Players are paid out depending on how many correct numbers were selected

Pai Gow Poker

  • A casino card game
  • Americanised version of Pai Gow
  • Created by Sam Torosian in 1985
  • Players create 2 poker hands (a 5 card hand and a 2 card hand) out of the 7 cards dealt which will beat the dealer’s corresponding hands


  • A casino table game
  • Named after the French word for ‘little wheel’
  • Players wager on where a ball dropped on a spinning wheel will land
  • Depending on the variation, the wheel is made up of a 0 and/or 00 in green, and the numbers 1-36 in red or black

Scratch Cards

  • One of the online casino games of chance
  • Players purchase virtual scratch cards and then ‘scratch’ a window to reveal symbols
  • A paytable specifies the matching symbols required in order to win
  • Low cost game which makes it popular

Sic Bo

  • Game of chance played with 3 dice
  • Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck are popular variants
  • Players predict the outcome of the roll of 3 dice with various betting options
  • Most common bets are ‘big’ or ‘small’

Video Poker

  • An online casino game
  • Jacks or Better is a popular variation
  • Best described as a combination of 5-card draw poker and slots
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Players attempt to create the best possible 5-card hand
  • Standard poker hands apply