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Blacklisted Casinos – Reasons Why it Happens

Let’s talk blacklisted casinos. There are hundreds and thousands of online casinos available to choose from and they are all really eager to take your money, but some of them are not too eager to give it back when pay outs are due.

Perhaps the online casino in question doesn’t abide by their terms and conditions, or offer fair games, or pay their affiliates – these are all the ways in which an online casino could get blacklisted.

However, it must be noted that there is no universal blacklist, and information may differ from source to source.

Take a more in-depth look at why these blacklisted casinos are considered either ‘rogue’ or outright scams.

Unfair Advantage Games

All games should be 100% random in order to be fair and rogue casinos will alter their games in a way to ensure that they have the advantage – on top of the advantage they already have.

Scam casinos will also tweak their free practice games to the player’s advantage to entice them to play the games which only offers the casino the advantage.

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Non-Payment to Players

Even at legitimate casinos, players may not get paid out for a variety of reasons such as cheating, abusing offers, or not completing the play through requirements, but rogue casinos will have no legitimate reason to not pay players out.

In fact, rogue casinos will often use these reasons as bogus justifications for not paying out, even if there is no evidence that the player was in the wrong.

Greedy Terms of Play

Many rogue casinos have insane terms such as 50x or 100x play through requirements attached to their bonuses – which many average players could never afford, a cap on how much money you’re ‘allowed’ to win when using a bonus to play, or prohibiting progressives from being played while using a bonus.

Everyone loves Canadian casino bonuses but not when they have ridiculous terms attached.

casino games online - blacklisted casinosSlow Pay Outs – Blacklisted Casinos

Similar to non-payment, slow pay outs are often committed by rogue casinos in order to keep your money in their accounts, and generating interest, for a while longer.

Sometimes the rogue casino simply doesn’t have the available funds to pay players out, or they are trying to get the player to keep the money in their online casino account to keep playing.

Unstable Terms of Play

We have heard many reports of rogue casinos that change their terms and conditions on an as-needed basis, to suit their agenda.

They’ll often do this when they’re in a dispute with a player over something the player has apparently done wrong, but hasn’t really and they’ll change the terms to support their argument.

Yet, when the archives are checked, it becomes apparent that the terms have recently changed from siding with the player, to siding with the casino.

Non-Existent Licensing and Regulation

Many rogue casinos claim to have licenses when they actually don’t, and many of them operate in areas which are lax about regulation, allowing them to get away with their crimes.

Rogue casinos have even been known to have almost non-existent customer support staff, or outright threaten players.

Mixing of Funds

If an online casino doesn’t keep the player’s funds separate from their own money, you know that online casino is heading to the blacklist.

An online casino should never pay their bills with player funds and if they’re forced to it means that they do not have good cash flow – a major warning sign.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of shady behaviour, but steer clear if an online casino you’ve had dealings with commits any of these offences.