A Review of the 1956 Film ‘Loser Takes All’

Loser Takes All is a film based on the novella of the same name that was written by Graham Greene in 1955. Graham Greene also wrote this adaption of his own novella however he has been cited as admitting it was a mistake.

It is a British comedy that was directed by Ken Annakin and released in September of 1956 in the United Kingdom. The film was distributed in the United Kingdom by British Lion Films and in America by the Distributors Corporation of America.

Loser Takes All is also referred to as Lua de Mel em Monte Carlo. Filming mostly took place on location in Monte Carlo, Monaco. In 1990 James Scott directed a remake of the film which is also based on the novella called Strike it Rich starring Molly Ringwald and Robert Lindsay.

The Cast of Loser Takes All

Loser Takes All stars the likes of Glynis Johns who plays as Cary; Rossano Brazzi who plays as Bertrand; Robert Morley who plays the role of Dreuther and Tony Britton who plays Tony. Various other characters are played by Felix Aylmer; Joyce Carey; Geoffrey Keen; Peter Illing and Albert Lieven.

Loser Takes All Movie Poster

The Basic Storyline of the Film

Loser Takes All is about a seemingly unexciting accounting assistant who is about to be wed to his fiancé, Cary. He is employed at a large accounting firm in London.

One day, Bertram uncovers an error at the accounting firm and when he tells his employer of this, the employer, Dreuther the powerful director of the company, is very happy with him and sends him and his lovely Cary to Monte Carlo but the trip is not what it seems.

The Plot of Loser Takes All

The basic premise of the Loser Takes All story revolves around Bertram who ends up in Monte Carlo with Cary at the request of his powerful employer.

His employer Dreuther is meant to show up in Monte Carlo but fails to arrive leaving Bertram stuck and angry and unable to pay for his bills.

Loser Takes all stil image from film

Bertram decides to visit the casinos and at first loses all of his money. Soon enough he starts to win as his systems start to work and he wins more and more money gaining the attention of Mr Bowles, another director of his firm and rival of Dreuther’s. Mr Bowles asks Bertram to loan him some money but in exchange Bertram wants Mr Bowles to give him his shares in the firm as he is angry with Dreuther.

While he is plotting and gambling away hungrily at the casino, Cary becomes disappointed and meets a young man who confesses his love for her. She leaves Bertram for him as she has no desire for him to be rich and money hungry.

This devastates Bertram and his hatred for Dreuther grows but Dreuther at this time arrives saying he was not deliberately late and that he is sorry.

He then helps Bertram win back Cary but at the loss of his money he has won as his deal with Bowles is cancelled. Bertram, loving Cary more than riches, is overjoyed and he becomes the loser that takes all.

So yeah, Loser Takes All may have been considered a bit of a failure by its writer, and less entertaining than some of the best online pokies when you register today, but as casino films go, it’s not too shabby in our minds.

Have you seen Loser Takes All? What did you think of the film? Do let us know.