MegaHits VLT Multiple-Progressive Jackpot Game

Originally started in July of 2011, MegaHits is a video lottery terminal multi-progressive slot game found in casinos across the USA.

MegaHits was the replacement for Cashola, with this MegaHits predecessor having run from July 2006 to May 2011. Before MegaHits, Cashola was available in lottery-operated casinos in Rhode Island, Delaware and West Virginia. As of 2013, when MegaHits replaced Cashola, the former game was introduced to other casinos in Ohio and then in Maryland. By April of 2016, there were 15 lottery-operated casinos in the USA offering MegaHits slots.

How the Megahits Jackpots Work

As the term “multi-progressive” suggests, MegaHits features 13 different progressive jackpots. This is a departure from the original Cashola offering, which offered a single jackpot that rolled over continually until someone won it.

In order to win the main MegaHits jackpot, players must land nine “MegaHits” symbols. This prize can be won on any MegaHits slot machine in their various locations, with the jackpot being made up of unsuccessful wagers on all machines across the jackpot network. The starting jackpot of this top MegaHits prize is set at US$ 100 000.

The other prize levels are achieved by players who are able to land between five and eight “MegaHits” symbols. Unlike the primary jackpot, these MegaHits prizes are comprised only of the machines within a particular Member State. For example, the prizes available in this tier in West Virginia casinos are made up only from West Virginia machines.

Moreover, all MegaHits progressive wins are paid out in cash lump sums, contrasting with the original Cashola jackpot, which was annuitized with a cash payout option.

The Role Played by IGT

Interactive Gaming Technology is the slots developer that supplies the video lottery terminals – i.e. the machines – on which MegaHits games are player.

This is in keeping with IGT’s frequent practice of offering slots games as a series. MegaHits games are particularly popular options with IGT players for a number of reasons. For one thing, MegaHits slots give players a number of opportunities to win, instead of just one. In fact, there can be up to 13 progressive MegaHits jackpots in the offing.

It should, however, be noted that, despite the fact that all MegaHits machines are part of the same series, each machine is unique and has its own distinctive elements.

An Overview of the MegaHits Games

As discussed, depending on the casino in question, MegaHits machines may offer up to 13 different progressive jackpots. Additionally, some MegaHits slots have free spins features and/or multiple sets of reels in the base game.

Each MegaHits machine has a different mode of play, with varying adjustable stake levels. In addition to their local house jackpots, all MegaHits machines are also linked to the MegaHits progressive jackpot network. This is a pool that spans all the machines in either the state or the country – as explained.

Because this MegaHits network is very large, the jackpots that accumulate are often also very big. Examples of MegaHits slots games include the MegaHits Mega Blast, MegaHits Pink Ice, MegaHits Purple Passion, MegaHits Reel Gold, MegaHits Triple Platinum Riches, MegaHits Triple Ruby Riches, and MegaHits Wild Sapphires.

Where to Find MegaHits Slots

As mentioned, MegaHits slots games can be found in various states across the US. Note, however, that MegaHits is not available online.