Perfect Exchange Hong Kong Film

An Introduction to the Hong Kong Film Perfect Exchange

As you know, at Casino Online Reviews, we love to bring you reviews of top online casinos, as well as games; but we also bring you something different in the form of films that are related somehow to casinos.

Today we review Perfect Exchange, an action comedy film from Hong Kong. The film was both directed and written by Wong Jing and starred Andy Lau and Tony Leung.

It was produced by Jimmy Heung through Win’s Entertainment and was distributed by Gala film Distribution. The official release date of Perfect Exchange was the 30th of September 1993.

The Critics Response and Box Office

Perfect Exchange is otherwise known as The Sting 2 and was rated in a category three by the Hong Kong motion picture rating system.

The film mostly received positive reviews and score fairly high on the Internet Movie Database and Douban. Tony Leung’s performance was especially praised while Andy Lau received a lesser review but still positive.

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Perfect Exchange had a theatrical run starting on the 30th of September 1993 until the 20th of October 1993. During this time the box office grossed an amount of more than HK$17 900 000.

The Plot of Perfect Exchange

Perfect Exchange tells the story Mandy Chin, played by Andy Lau, who is a smart mouthed upstart that likes to gamble with his friends Chung; Lau and Chan.

He enlists the help of his girlfriend Lily, played by Christy Chung, and good friend Gold Finger Chi, played by Liu Kai-Chi, who are both card dealers. He asks them to assist him cheat in a card game which enables him to win HK$6 million.

Mandy Chin later runs into one of the men he cheated out of HK$4 million named Lau in a bar. Lau has his cronies with him and while he tells Mandy that he is aware of his cheating a fight breaks out that injures Chung.

Lau ends up blackmailing Mandy by making him go to prison to interrogate a former subordinate of his, named Robinson Shun, who had stolen a HK$300 million Treasury bond from him. Lau informs Mandy that he will pay him a HK$10 million reward if Robinson reveals the whereabouts of the Treasury bond.

Mandy has his girlfriend Lily sue him for sexual assault in order to go to prison but the judge isn’t convinced. Failing to be prosecuted he throws a shoe at the judge who then holds him in contempt for one month.

the sting 2 poster - perfect exchange hong kong film

In prison, Mandy finds out another version of the story. After paying for protection he gets to know Robinson better and finds out the real story behind his incarceration.

Robinson is in fact Lau father in law who was framed for murder by Lau after he attempted to avenge the murder of his daughter. He knew Lau had murdered her for the family money and had covered it up.

Mandy then decides to help Robinson inflict his revenge on Lau and Robinson offers Mandy half of his property for his assistance. Mandy promises HK$30 million to prison guard Chung if he will help them. All three then ensure a riot breaks out when starting a fight with one of Lau’s men.

During the riot Mandy and Robinson escape. Mandy then confronts Lau who ends up killing his own fiancé. Robinson retrieves his Treasury bond from a glass bottle at Lau’s house and two return to prison but are released early due to good behaviour. Chung however has to wait three years for his cut as it’s held up in a Swiss bank account.

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