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What Are the Perks of Being a Casino High Roller?

In the world of casinos, the high roller is king. Casinos love catering to the every whim of high-profile patrons who drop large sums of money in the blink of an eye.

Their aim is to ensure that their heavy-spending guests have such an exceptional experience at their casino that it compels them to return time after time.

The elite few that do make the selective cut as high rollers benefit from a number extraordinary perks and unique services. Below you’ll get some insight into the life of a high roller.

What is a High Roller?

A high roller is a term often used to describe an ultra-high net worth individual. For casinos, a high roller or whale (as they are sometimes referred to) is an individual who gives the establishment an opportunity to win a large sum of money in a relatively short amount of time.

We’re talking about wagers that range anywhere from a couple of thousand to a cool million per hand. Certainly not chump change and with high rollers sometimes playing multiple hands depending on the casino game that they’re playing, they have the unique ability to significantly impact the casino’s short term bottom line.

It comes as little surprise as to why casino hosts go above and beyond to make sure that their high rollers are well looked after.

A high roller on a winning streak may dent the casino’s profits over a short period of time but the potential windfall of return visits where the high roller might fair less favourably at the tables is huge.

The definition of what exactly a high roller is may change between casino, country or culture. There are however a few defining characteristics that are shared by many high rollers.

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What are the Characteristics of a High Roller?

  • Ultra-high net worth individuals who are typically multi-millionaires or billionaires.
  • VIP status. High rollers usually receive VIP treatment wherever they go and benefit from having their unique and exclusive needs specially catered for by the staff of the establishment that they’re offering up their patronage to.
  • Private entourage. High rollers are usually surrounded by a private entourage of trusted individuals which often include bodyguards, personal assistants, close confidantes and family members.
  • Access to large lines of casino credit. Some casinos will automatically extend large lines of credit to high rollers depending on their needs and how long they intend on staying at the casino. Lines of credit can extend into the millions.

High rollers can originate from a variety of backgrounds and industries. They can be magnates of industry, business tycoons, self-made millionaires, professional sports players, politician or celebrities.

What are the Benefits of Being a High Roller at a Casino?

High rollers visiting land-based casinos enjoy a myriad of exclusive perks. Some of the most common benefits high rollers receive include:

  • Special attention from staff;
  • Dedicated chauffer service and luxury transport;
  • Penthouse suites;
  • Complementary meals provided by celebrity chefs;
  • Reservations at popular restaurants and clubs;
  • Access to VIP gambling rooms;
  • Invitations to exclusive events.

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What are the Benefits of Being a High Roller at an Online Casinos?

Special treatment of high rollers is not only reserved for those who frequent brick-and-mortar casinos. High rollers also have a noticeable presence at online casinos where they typically play games with the highest betting limits that offer the most action.

The benefits of being a high roller at an online NZD casino differ slightly from their land-based counterparts but typically include:

  • Large welcome, match, reload and no deposit bonuses;
  • Expedited deposits and withdrawals;
  • Free merchandise and vacations;
  • Free tickets or seats in exclusive tournaments.