Will Trump Affect Gambling in Canada?

The arrival of President Trump caused a shockwave across the planet. The man had been an international joke for his campaign, but had the last laugh when he landed up being elected the official president of the United States.

Many are still reeling in bewilderment, unsure of how to respond. But, in times like this, it really does help to simply remember that he was democratically elected, and will remain president until the end of his term, unless something radical happens.

donald trump legislation talking at podium

What he will do during his time as president of a global superpower remains to be seen, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath for the arrival of that infamous wall, unless a really good reason is dreamed up for Mexico to pay for it.

In Canada, a question that has been getting thrown around is as to whether the Trump presidency will have any affects on the region. The United States is, after all, a very close neighbour, and things that happen in the US can have knock on results. In particular, one aspect of Canada that has rumoured to be affected is the gambling industry. Will Trump have any affect on gambling in Canada? Let’s have a look and try and draw some conclusions.

Trump Gambling Views

It is no secret that Mister Trump had connections to gambling in the past, namely with two casinos in Atlantic City. At one point Atlantic City was rumoured to be the next Las Vegas, but this did not happen, and Trumps two casinos went under.

The man is quick to point out, however, that he made money hand over fist on the two establishments, regardless of them failing. And it is this business mind that appealed to many voters in the United States. Who better to run a country, after all, than a man who can find success in failure?

The Trump Plaza hotel and casino

But Trump is no longer the owner of two casinos, and he no longer has any personal ties to gambling as the president of a country. It is his decisions on gambling laws in the US, however, that could result in some pretty drastic changes to the US and Canada.

As it stands, gambling is only legal in the US in certain specific areas, and online gambling is still largely in limbo country wide. If Trump put into motion sweeping changes of gambling laws in the US, for example making gambling legal from border to border, this could indeed affect gambling in Canada. The result would obviously be less US residents travelling to Canada in order to visit casinos. How this would impact Canadian online casinos is yet to be seen.

The Facts

But has Mister Trump declared his intention to do any such thing? Or has he declared any changes at all to gambling laws in the United States, including online gambling?

He has not. Hence, as it stands, there is nothing to be done except to wait and see if any dramatic changes are made, of any kind. For the time being, Canada, and it’s gambling situation, is probably not first on the mind of the new President.