Positive and negative progression betting explained

Positive and negative progression betting have been popular go-to systems for gamblers and casino game players from around the world and Canada is no exception.

They’ve become quite popular as many people find them quite easy to use and simple to understand. These systems generally have a set of straightforward rules that can be applied with little difficulty, making them a quick and easy approach to betting.

Another reason for their popularity is that some people falsely believe that they’re a sure-fire way to guarantee endless winnings. Although progression betting systems can help players win in the short term, they don’t actually have any lasting influence on your chances in the long term.

This fact hasn’t dissuaded some players from steadfastly using progression betting systems in games such as blackjack and roulette, even though many a fortune has been lost by players who refuse to accept the limitations of progression betting.

There are two main types of progression betting, namely positive and negative progression. Below you’ll find the basic concepts defined, as well as an explanation surrounding the limitations of each type of betting system. This information will help you make a well informed decision when it comes to trying them out for yourself.

What is Progression Betting?

Progression betting is a system used by players where they adjust the size of their bet according to whether they have won or lost their previous bet.

It’s popular with online casino enthusiasts and it can have excellent results.

Positive Progression Betting Explained

When using a positive progression betting system, a player will increase their stake every time they have won and decrease their stake after every loss.

This betting system is predicated on the assumption that you will be able to maximise your profits if you hit a winning streak. Similarly, it will help you mitigate your losses when you’re on a losing streak.

Using a positive progression betting system at an online casino in Canada  is relatively harmless and to some extent, the theory behind it seems logical.

Players who have stuck around beyond the Canadian casino bonuses, go on a long winning streak stand the chance of greatly inflating their winnings while using this method during a moderate losing streak can help players limit the negative impact that it has on their bankroll.

The Paroli system is a popular example of positive progression betting. Players set themselves a base stake which is the amount you bet on your initial wager.

After each win, the player increases their wager by their base stake. After every loss, a player will revert back to their base stake.

Positive Negative Progression Betting online betting


You can win good money using this approach if you happen to go on a winning streak, however, there is no guarantee that you will land a winning streak. At the end of the day, this type of betting system will not influence your overall chances of winning.

Negative Progression Betting Explained

An easy way to look at negative progression betting is that it is the exact opposite of positive progression betting systems. Here, players increase their stake after each loss and decrease their stake when they win.

The idea behind a negative progression betting system is that given a long enough period of time, a player will eventually win. Since all the player’s wins come at higher stakes than their losses, the overall result should still see players make a profit.

The logic behind this system is fundamentally flawed because there is no guarantee of when a losing streak will end. To put it plainly, continuously increasing the stakes with the hope that you’ll eventually get a win is simply unwise.